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Have you ever had a dream and wondered just how in the world are you going to make it a reality? Is it even possible? How hard do I have to work at this? What are people going to think? Love it? Hate it? Love to hate it?? Either way, I have been lucky to have people who support me and my dreams.  I have worked for months and months trying to bring CREEP to life in comic form. With Self publishing companies and do it yourself websites like WiX anybody can do it.  Of course the hard part is getting notieced!! My hopes and dreams don't just end here with a Guy named CREEP. Nope, this is only the begining.  My true dream is to be able to work with a team of writers, artists, colorists, publishers & more.  A futer movie? A cartoon series? Fame? Fortune? Who knows!!! But I can tell you this... Im not giving up on my dreams!! 


I have so many characters and stories that just overflow in my mind. I tell you, sometimes I am afraid to tilt my head too far and have a few of my thoughts fall out! HA! Seriously.... There are just so many more characters with stories to tell!! So stay tuned and join my mailing list so that you are the first to know what amazing stories are coming or where you just might find me.. Maybe I will be in your town one day to sign autographs.