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Custom Illustrations and Commissions

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Get creative!!


1) Message me by clicking on the Custom Art Request button.
2) Note what type of art you want (headshot, full body etc..)
3) Send good quality pictures of the people you want to be drawn in caricature form.
4) Note how many characters you want
5) How do you want them posed? 
6) Expressions? Gestures? Clothing style. Etc... The more information I have the better.

     I want you to love your custom art!
7) I will put your custom commission together with a total price.
8) Purchase your commission
9) I will send you a sketch for approval before coloring and finishing your custom art.

*Time of finished product will vary depending on the complexity as well as how much

other work I may have at the time.  I will give you an estimated time of completion

BEFORE I start the job to make sure the time is satisfactory to you.  On average I have

been able to complete most commissions within 4-6 days.  Making changes after the a

rtwork has been started may add to the total price. 


*Includes full color and simple backgrounds. 

1) Chibi Art:     $30.00   [each additional character add $15.00]
2) Headshot:   $20.00   [each additional character add $10.00]
3) Waist up:     $25.00   [each additional character add $12.00]
4) Full Body:    $40.00   [each additional character add $20.00]

*Shading and detailed backgrounds add $15.00





* You are only paying for my services. ie... the creation of my art
* Custom digital art is sent in PNG or JPEG form. You are paying for a

   digital copy, the price does not include a print.
* I retain the ownership of my art.  It is to be used for your personal

   use and is not intended to be used for publishing and/or commercial use. 
* If you wish to own the rights of the art there will be an additional cost

   added along with a letter stating ownership. Cost will vary and is negotiable
* All Pictures shown in this listing are for demonstration purposes only.

   They are previous commissions that I have created as well as Fan Art.  

   Due to copyright laws and personal moral values I DO NOT SELL FAN ART.  

   It is only intended to show my art style.

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